Analysis of Advantages of US Warehouse & Intro of Delivery Methods

Analysis of Advantages of US Warehouse & Intro of Delivery Methods

Different from many e-commerce companies, Enlarge Security has a local warehouse in US. Some may wonder what are the strengths of a local warehouse. To address the issue, we will list the advantages of our US warehouse and give you a brief introduction of delivery and pick-up methods.

Part 1: Advantages of a US Warehouse

1. Cut Shipping Cost

Shipping cost is one of the biggest expenses in business and the fee partly depends on the distance. If you place an order with a US delivery address, your goods will be dispatched directly from our local US warehouse. In this way, the freight cost will be greatly reduced.

2. Save Delivery Time

A local US warehouse not only helps to cut shipping cost but also save delivery time. Retailers can receive the items in a comparatively short time if the goods are sent from local warehouse rather than from a warehouse in another country.

3. Avoid Custom Clearance

Sometimes custom clearance may cause import delays or other problems. Another great advantage of local warehouse is that it avoids the complicated and long custom clearance process. If the goods are sent to your place within US border, you can receive the products without concerning the custom clearance issue.

Part 2: Delivery & Pick up

1. Pick Up Yourself

Taking the goods yourself is a choice. If you want to get a better insight into our company and business, it is recommended you drop a visit to the warehouse and have a meeting with our staff. We would answer your questions regarding the business with pleasure.

2. Local Express

Another delivery method is local express. A variety of express options including UPS and DHL are available for you to choose from. USPS is our default shipping method, please make a note of express service if you would like to use another express like DHL.

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