Analysis of Different Types of Smart Door Locks

Analysis of Different Types of Smart Door Locks

Many people considering smart door lock may find it hard to pick up a suitable one. With advanced security technology, you have a variety of options to choose from. Before you head off to the store to purchase a door lock, you should have a clear understanding of different kinds of smart door locks.

Biometric/Fingerprint Door Lock

Biometric recognition system today in use include iris recognition, voice recognition and fingerprint recognition. And fingerprint recognition is the most popular and practical choice for its cost-effectiveness. Fingerprint door lock is widely used in many areas for its high security and convenience. It just requires users to press a finger on the scanner and it will identifies you in a few seconds, which eliminate private concern of security because a fingerprint cannot be re-created or copied. You will never lose your keys and be locked out of home again. It just make it easier for you and your families to enter inside your house.

Recommendation: Installed on doors at home or in offices.

Keyless Keypad Lock

Keypad lock sets that feature numerical pad is another popular choice for keyless entry. It allows you to set a code for yourself and distribute the code to some of the guests to gain entry. Originally keypad locks have push button design, but nowadays for higher security they have a touchscreen design with security system to keep others from guessing the codes. One of the top benefit of this kind of door lock is that the code can be changed into another kind of combination and thus you could program a different code if you feel the current code is not safe without the need to switch to a new door lock. If you have a rental house or a condo, it will be a suitable and useful door lock which allow guest to easily enter with a temporary code rather than a key, eliminating the trouble of exchanging keys.

It is recommended that you install a keypad lock on exterior&interior doors at home, offices or rental houses.


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled Door Lock

The majority of the door lock introduced now incorporate the feature of connecting to a smart phone. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled door locks are two high-tech locks in the market. They replace the standard dead bolts with locks that allow you to unlock and manage via an app on a smart phone. Actually, the use of mobile devices to unlock doors has gained increasing popularity and widely accepted in some parts of Asia and Northern Europe. Bluetooth door lock use your smart phone’s bluetooth transmisson to identify users while a Wi-Fi enabled lock allow users to remotely control the door lock and share access with others just using an app anywhere as long as the smart phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

Tips: Both BT & Wi-Fi door locks are ideal for home door lock installation. Wi-Fi door lock is the best choice if you have a Airbnb guest house.


Top Picks:


Ardwolf A20 Smart Lock:

  1. Combine fingerprint recognition and keypad feature
  2. 3 Ways to entry: key + code + fingerprint

Ultraloq UL3 BT Keyless Lock:


  1. 5-in-1 keyless entry
  2. Bluetooth connectivety
  3. Hidden backup key

August Smart Lock:


  1. Keyless access for temporary guests
  2. No more hiding keys
  3. Auto lock and unlock

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