Why Customers Choose UL3 Fingerprint Door Lock

Why Customers Choose UL3 Fingerprint Door Lock

UL3 fingerprint door lock is one of the newest smart door locks on the market, it is a great all-around lock that allows you to ease into the world of smart locks, "unlocking" its best features as you feel comfortable.



Ultraloq UL3 is a fingerprint and touchscreen smart door lock, it has classical and fashion exterior with an intuitive OLED display. It built-in tamper alarm, and a low battery alert. You can program it manually, or with a user-friendly app that also makes it easy to add users and access codes, and set up schedules. Most of people love this door lock so much.





Why Choose Ultraloq UL3 to Secure Your Home?

 1.All-in-one Flexibility

95 fingerprints, 95 codes and 3 backup mechanical keys, works well for kids and the elder.

 2.Ultraloq Advanced Fingerprint Technology

Durable, waterproof and dust-proof with heal broken fingerprint lines.

 3.Long Battery Life

Up to 8,000 times access. Low battery alarm on OLED.

 4.Reversible lever

Lock fits both left-handled and right-handed door.

 5.Support passage mode

Stay at unlock state during the passage mode, Ultraloq will stay unlocked for convenient free passage.

 6.Support Lockout Mode

Ultraloq can only be operated manually by the mechanical key, all electronic features including fingerprints and codes are turned off.


Adjustable Latch backset 2-3/8" or 2-3/4"; Fit door thickness between 1-3/8" and 1-3/4"




Installation of UL3 smart door lock is surprisingly easy, thanks to the user guide, proceed as follows:


First, install latch on the door, make sure the latch angle faces door jamb.


Second, Install the strike on the door frame, ensuring you allow for the bolt to be centered in the strike.


Third, install the exterior assembly, route the cable under bolt and through hole stated


Four, install interior mounting plate, secure it to the exterior assembly using screws and plug in the spindle.     

                                                                                                                                                                 Five, attach the cable to the connector on interior assembly by lining up on the cable connector to slots on that connector. Press the connector in firmly using thumbs until completely seated. And secure interior assembly using screws.


Finally installing batteries and handles and plug position. More detail installation steps welcome to download and/or check the user guide.





UL3 smart door lock has long been known for its quality and security . It has advanced fingerprint identification with 95 fingerprints can be enrolled, identifies you in less than 0.5 second and works well for kids and the elder. It also has hidden backup key: three mechanical keys for backup, a keyhole is positioned specially on the bottom to give extra security in case of keyhole hackers. In addition, the solid one-piece Zinc Alloy body is IP65 rated and completely waterproof and dust-proof. Innovation in clutch design makes UL3 more reliable but 50% less power consumption than traditional clutches. If someone tries to tamper with your deadbolt from the outside, the lock will give a very loud 30-second alarm when significant force is applied to the door. It protect your home be safety.




UL3 smart door lock’s price is so awesome, it is USD$143.99 on Amazon , but you can purchase this lock here only for USD$93.08, you can earn higher profit and the more quantity you book, the more discount price you get.




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