Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider an IP Camera

Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider an IP Camera

Internet Protocal Surveillance is a digital camera used for surveillance and is widely used as an alternative to analogue closed circuit television in residential area. IP camera technology uses an IP network to transport video image from the camera to a head end which ranges from a “plug and play” box to a full blown server. It offers many benefits to users.


1. Higher Image Resolution

Among the benefits IP cameras provide, image quality is the most significant one. IP camera applies progressive scanning technology which allows for more detailed image that has at least 3 times resolution of that of an analogue camera. With the higher resolution, you can see more clear faces and recognize the car number more easily.


2. Flexibility

Its overall flexibilty make IP camera stands out. Unlike analogue camera, IP camera use a single Network Video Recorder that can be housed on any network and could be relocated to any position you like. What’s more , it has no limite on the numbers of camera connected to the network, which means you can install as more cameras as you like to cover your property. It ensures that every corner in your house is under your eyes.


3. Intelligence & Security

IP video system uses intelligent video analytics that detects potential situations developing and record insightful information in real time. It will trigger the alarm to allow home owners and businesses to react accordingly if an event occurs. Such intelligent access is crucial to build a smart home.


4. Cost Effective

Its easy installation and fewer infrastructure required promises a relatively low cost compared to traditional analogue cameras. Generally, an IP camera is around $100 which is much more affordable to people looking for home security solutions.


5. Remote Access

As part of the network that can be connected to internet, IP cameras are compatible with a variety of apps and software that feature remote access. Home owners can log into security system and easily monitor or view their home from anywhere.

Investing in an IP camera helps you monitor and safeguard your home from anywhere. Both Ardwolf AF-BM01 and Ardwolf AF-BM02 1080P IP Camera are on hot sale now and you could get 10% off with coupon code at checkout. 

For more information about IP cameras , you can check top trends in security camera industry.

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