Benefits of Using A Smart Door Lock

Benefits of Using A Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Locks have gained increasing popularity with both homeowners and business owners in recent years due to its improving utility. It is an expanding industry and have much room for improvement. A smart door lock is a technologically advanced facility that keeps your home safe while giving you some advantages, which traditional locks cannot achieve. Read on and find 3 amazing benefits of using smart door lock below.


Improved Convenience

The most significant benefit must be the convenience a digital door lock brings to you. Technology is Different from a conventional door lock which puts you into an awkward situation from time to time, a digital door lock allows keyless entry. The automatic system eliminates the trouble of being locked out since it is enabled through biometric reader or a passcode. Some advanced locks even allow remote control via an app on smart phone. It is especially convenient for the parents who worry their kids would lose the keys and cannot enter home.


Increased Security

One indisputable advantage of switching to a smart door lock is the added security.  Smart door locks only allow exclusive access to certain groups of authorized people. Traditional locks are subject to lock picking and bumping. However, electronic door locks are not easy to be tampered and some of them will issue an audible alarm when suspicious tamper is detected. According to statistics, most buglers admit they would not try forced entry when they find a smart door lock is installed on the front door. What’s more, tracking entry log is possible.


Better Durability

Traditional locks will wear down and get malfunction due to frequent use. Keyless locks are comparatively durable because they avoid the friction of inserting and revolving keys. All you need to do is just press your finger on the fingerprint reader or enter a passcode to unlock a smart door lock. You even don’t have to touch the lock if it is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi controlled.


Heightened Connectivity

A number of smart door locks are able to integrate with home automation. To build a smart home, installing a smart door to secure your home is the first step. Integrating smart door lock into the security system and programming your smart lock with video surveillance camera enables you to monitor your home no matter where you are.

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