A Comprehensive Comparison of A20 and UL3 Smart Door Locks

A Comprehensive Comparison of A20 and UL3 Smart Door Locks

Bringing security and convenience to life, smart door lock has become a popular choice for a variety of people. There are a lot of smart door locks to choose from at Enlarge Security. A20 and UL3 represent two different but typical types of digital door locks, we would like to walk you through the features and functions of these two door lock in order to help you get a better insight into the products.

The comparison will fall into four categories: design, security, convenience and price.

A20 Smart Door Lock


A20 is a silver smart door lock produced by Ardwolf. With a touch screen keypad and a key fob, A20 offers you a stylish way to secure your home. The fingerprint sensor combines with a touch active sensor, which allows you to unlock with one touch. You can also enter a passcode or use a key to unlock it. The lock is battery operated and the screen goes black when it is not in use. Only left hand or right hand are available.


- The smart door lock offers you 3 way to unlock: a key, fingerprint or passcode. It can enroll up to 100 fingerprints and 100 users.

- The unique random password protection allows you to add any number before and behind the real one, giving extra security to your home.

- You can convert the lock into passage mode in which the door can be opened by pressing on the handle.


- Easy to install and program. Bluetooth and or W-Fi are not supported.

- Suitable for home, office, school, bank and so on.


Amazon Price: $ 149.99

Our Price: Start from $ 81.23


UL3 Smart Door Lock


As world’s first 5-in-1 keyless entry Bluetooth smart lock, UL3 has a classical and impressive exterior with OLED display. The solid one-piece Zinc Alloy body is completely waterproof and dustproof. Innovation in clutch design makes UL3 more reliable but 50% less in power consumption than traditional clutches. Reversible lever allows you to fit both left hand or right hand door.


- 4 ways to unlock. You are free to use fingerprint, passcode, smartphone or key to unlock the door.

- With impressive 95 fingerprints capacity, the advanced fingerprint identification identifies you in less than 0.5 seconds and it works well for kids and the elder.

- “Anti-Peep Password” ensures that strangers won’t steal your password by looking at worn-out keypad.

- The keyhole in the bottom is designed to add security in case of keyhole hackers. The built-in alarm technology senses the movement of the lock and issue an alert when the door is tampered.


- Installation is pretty easy.

- UL3 provides you 5-in-1 keyless entry experience of ultimate flexibility and convenience. Bluetooth is supported, you can use Ultraloq app on your smart phone to control the lock including unlocking the door, viewing users and tracking logs.

- Ideal for both exterior and interior doors. Suitable for use in specific occasions like locking safe box containing your valuable items.


Amazon price: $149.99

Our Price: Start from $79.12



A20 and UL3 has its own advantages over the other and they have individual pros and cons. To choose a suitable digital door lock, you can take your primary factors into accounts. In terms of security, UL3 provides you 4 ways to unlock the door and issue an audible alarm when a suspective movement is detected, which gives you more extra security to your home compared to A20. If you attach great importance to convenience, UL3 could be a better choice for its bluetooth feature. However, you may find A20 is more appealing if price is the driving factor in your consideration.


Purchase & Pick-up:

You could place an order at EnlargeSecurity. Shipments will be made within 48 hours. We have a local warehouse in US, you could also drop by our US warehouse to pick up your item.

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