Home Security: Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglars in Holidays

Home Security: Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglars in Holidays

Already made plan for your upcoming vacation but worried about burglary while you are away? Burglary happens every 15 seconds in American, a break-in will not only make you lose some of your possessions but also make you feel insecure and frightened. Here in this article, we will show you some smart tips to boost home security and prevent break-ins.


1. Don’t Mention Your Schedule

Never talk about your holiday plans outside because it could be easily overheard when you talk about your trip in public. Houses with no one in will be a target for burglars. It is not wise to post your outings on social networks sites as well. Strangers including burglars online could easily guess that your home is empty and see it as an invitation.


2. Install Smart Door Lock

One of the most useful tip to secure your home while you are away is to install a smart door lock. An electronic door lock is a strong shield that protect your home from force entry. According to statistics, a great number of thieves would not attempt break-in when they find a smart lock is installed on the front door. There is a broad variety of digital door locks with different functions and features are available at EnlargeSecurity.


3. Integrate Light Timers

Whether you are at home or away, it is better to make it looked occupied. Integrate light timers in your house and have them turned on and off in a way that simulates your normal life pattern. These devices are app-controlled so you can monitor from anywhere in the world as long as you have a strong network. These light timers create the illusion that someone is home.


4. Install Home Security System

An effective way to protect your home is to utilize a monitored home security system. The system will alert you when an intruder attempts force entry and issue loud alarm, some may even report it to local authority so the police would come and investigate what happen in your house.


5. Ask A Neighbour to Watch Your House

Ask a trusted neighbour to create a “lived-in” look. Give a spare key to your trusted neighbour rather than leave it under the door map and ask your neighbour to collect you mails and newspaper in the mail box. Don’t forget to have your neighbour use the outdoor trash bin and leave footprints leading to your front door. If it is in winter, ask him/her to help clean the snow on driveway.

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