How Home Security Can Minimize Household Hazards

How Home Security Can Minimize Household Hazards

Safety is always a concern for many homeowners. Try as we may to protect home, there might be still some risks. Burglary, falls, environmental concerns are common household hazards that threaten your home safety. This article will show you how to heighten security of your home with some home security equipment and devices.


Combat Burglary

In line with statistics, burglary happens every 15 seconds and it accounts for 25% of crimes in US. There are some easy ways to eliminate the breaks-ins, devices from sensors on door and windows to high-security smart door locks can help achieve that.

  1. Install doorbell camera. A doorbell camera will help you deter intruders near your home when you are away.
  2. Position video surveillance. If you program video surveillance as part of your home security system, you can easily catch the burglars’face without much hassle and use it as an evidence.
  3. Install smart door lock. A smart door lock can greatly help reinforce home security and brings ultimate convenience. Some smart locks will issue audible alarm if it detects tamper.


Minimize Personal Injuries

At times, some minor accidents can result in serious injury. Falls, drowning, poisoning are leading causes of injury at home. The elder and kids are at high risks for accidents at home. Here are some tips to reduce the risks in the home:

  1. Add more security at high-risk areas. Install surveillancecamera around swimming pools, gates and more where accidents could happen. It will help you monitor the activities around these areas.
  2. Keep all chemicals and household cleaners out of touch of kids.
  3. Install Personal Emergency Response System. It is a bracelet designed for the elderly to contact emergency service at the touch of a button.
  4. Consider an alarm. An alarm system will get you notified when the doors are triggered.


Reduce Environmental Concerns

An environment factor like fire and floods will put your home in danger. It is necessary to equip your home with devices that alert you when things are wrong:

  1. Install smoke alarms. A smoke alarm will alerts you and the emergency services if carbon monoxide is detected in the air. Remember to test and replace batteries in the alarm.
  2. Use water monitors to prevent flooding. Such devices will warn you a potential flood if water is detected in your home or basement.

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