How to Find the Profitable iTems to Sell on Ebay

How to Find the Profitable iTems to Sell on Ebay

For years many people have been finding a business opportunity on Ebay. But do you really know what is the best product to sell on Ebay? This article provides a comprehensive guide to show you how to find the most profitable items to sell on this e-commerce platform.

A number of people have the same illusion that the hot selling products on eBay is the best products to sell. In fact, it is not necessarily correct. When you search the best sellers on eBay, you will find that they are mostly items from named brands with high demand. They win the competition due to its lower price and faster delivery. What’s more, the market is saturated with plenty competitors. It is hard to establish a profitable business on eBay selling this kind of items for a starter.


What is A Good and Profitable Product

Here comes the problem, how to find a good and profitable product? One thing you should know before jumping to the depth is that there is no one product that will promise a great success. But here are some tips for you to determine which item qualifies a good product.

  1. Special and niche products. As we have mentioned above, it is not wise to choose a too common product . A specific product would be best.
  2. Simple and Durable. Customers will tend to buy those products that are not easily broken and you don’t want to sell a product worrying it arrives to the customer broken.
  3. Consistent stream of buyers. You will want to sell a product that sells all-year round but not seasonally. A product that will sell consistently and enables you to make money each month is the one that worth considering.
  4. Similar products being sold on eBay.If you find your similar products are sold on eBay, it means that a demand exist and there is a market for you.
  5. At least 25% profit margin. There is a quick way to estimate the profit margin will be on the product. First, you could check the average price of the potential item on eBay and compare the price the suppliers offer you. Then, calculate the profit margin.

Research on eBay

Apart from brainstorming, you could also get an idea of what items you would sell on eBay. Go to eBay and go through eBay’s categories, then go to advanced research to filter items to yield result that show profitable items. In this way, you get a clear idea of the volume and price range of the products you would sell as well.


Find & Contact Suppliers

The last step is to find your suppliers. You could search for your product online to find some wholesale suppliers like EnlargeSecurity or attend wholesale trade show to find vendors. Alibaba is a great platform which enables you to find the best suppliers using filters. After selecting a list of suppliers, just contact the them and ask for the information including prices and terms you need and decide on which supplier you want to purchase sample from. Finally, just wait for your sample to arrive.

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