How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Your Business

How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Your Business

Buying wholesale products and resell them is the normal business model. Are you considering starting a retail business? Well, there is much more to successfully run a retail business. After you deciding to sell a certain products, the first step is to find your wholesale supplier. Here in this article, we will discuss how to find a cheap wholesale supplier.

Before you start, It is important for you to understand the role of suppliers in the manufacturing and wholesaling industry. People sometime cannot tell the difference between the two roles. To make it simple, manufactures are the ones thatsupposed to make products but not sell them, they are on the top of the wholesale supply chain. Wholesalers serve retailers and distributors through a broad variety of distribution channels and supply chain.


How to Find Wholesale Suppliers

Finding wholesale suppliers especially a good one is not an easy job. Here we would share some tips to find and select the best wholesaler.

Search Online

In this high-tech world, this must be the most popular method for most of the people. It is also a great starting place for starter to collect information. You could find both local and overseas wholesale vendors and compare different suppliers online without going out.

If you want to find a wholesaler in a niche market, a Google Search for the specific product will bring you a variety of options. For example, if you are selling smart door lock, a quick search will get you to results like Alibaba and EnlargeSecurity where you can buy profitable wholesale smart locks.


Attend Trade Shows

If you have enough time, attending trade shows will be a good choice to connect to and select wholesalers. You will have a chance to visit different vendors and hand pick your desired items that satisfy you requirements. TSNN and 10 times are two great directories to find information of different kinds of trade show.


Shop Ads in Trade Magazines

Whether you want to look for electronic door lock wholesale or lights wholesale, you are likely to find the wholesale ads in a trade magazine in your industry.

Looking for wholesalers will take time, but it will saves both your time and budget if you find the right one. Remember to ask volume discounts and more terms and review the contract carefully if you have found the supplier.

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