How To Install Your New Wireless Doorbell

How To Install Your New Wireless Doorbell

Installing a doorbell with a wireless transmission is not a complicated procedure as long as you do everything correctly. Wired doorbells require a lot of modification done to the house that makes it less cost-effective and a much harder home improvement project. If configured properly, the wireless option can be just as stable as the wired door bell.


Figure Out Placement

Look around your house and take note of how many entryways that your house has and what is in between these entryways. Be sure to also take note of anything that may disrupt the signal, like concrete walls or metal objects. You may need to buy a kit with multiple receivers and repeaters.


Search For The Right Doorbell

The next step is to go searching for the doorbell kit. The model and brand depends on your budget and what kind of application you will need. There are kits with the low range of under 100 feet that should suit most people, but you may also find doorbells more than 1000 feet. Some kits are simplistic or will have many advanced features, so take into consideration how simple or complicated that you will want your project to be.


Don't Neglect The Little Details

Keep in mind how you will need to mount the new system. Some of these home products will have mounting tools that may have everything you need, but you may also need to purchase different mounting hardware, screws, tape and other accessories. If the receiver and doorbell are battery powered, make sure that batteries are inside. If it is powered via an AC adapter, make sure you plan out how you want it plugged in.


Power Up And Configure

Once you have your bells and receivers mounted, in which instructions should be included, you will need to turn the thing on. Switch on the chine control buttons on both the bell and the receiver so that they are ready to interact with each other.


Once things are lined up, you may be able to set a custom chime pattern. Different models will have different defaults chimes, so scroll through the selections and choose your favorite. You may also be able to select a music tune to make things more exciting.

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