How to Make Money with Buying Wholesale and Reselling

How to Make Money with Buying Wholesale and Reselling

It is universally known that the way you could earn great profits when selling products is to purchase it with a low cost. The easiest way to make money in a business transation is to buy cheap wholesale. Choosing the right products can help you gain business success. But no matter what products you decide to sell, you have to select a source for buying the products at a low price.


Find Your Wholesale Source

The most effective and quickest way for distributors and retailers to procure products is to find a wholesaler online. With thousands of options to choose from, you shall bear some questions in mind:

  1. Does the wholesaler offer a good price?
  2. Is there a fee to gain distributorship?
  3. Any bad reviews of the the wholesaler?
  4. Does it offer comprehensive after-sale service?

Such questions will help you choose the best wholesale supplier among the various options. If you are looking for home security products, EnlargeSecuriy will be a good choice which meet the expectations above.


Selling products

After selecting the products and wholesaler, you have to plan your business. Where to sell your products? How you can get paid?

Market Your Business

A product will not sell well without good marketing. Here are some effective ways to market your business on a limited budget.

1. Socialize on Social Sites

A low-cost method to advertise your products is through new media and social media channels. Popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and more have their own advantages and require unique ways to manage. Select one or two social sites that suit your products and try to master it.

2. Create Contents

Both concumers and google like valuable contents. You could creat a blog and share some informational contens on your websites to add more valuable contents. Besides, sharing videos is another great approach to get more traffic.

3. Offer Giveaways or Discounts

Everyone loves free and cheap stuffs. You can give away some desirable products or offer a discounted price to connect with your potential customers. You can also promote your products in related Facebook groups and try to get some postive reviews.


Sales Channel

Selling online is the most effective way to get your products to customers worldwide. Lots of distributors and retailers start out their business by selling products on third-party e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. However, but you have to pay commission to the platforms and thus your fee would add up. To cut the cost, you can consider creating your own website or online store to sell and promote the products.

Apart from selling online, sales can be made in physical stores. You can also set up physical stores to sell products offline to your local customers.

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