How to Protect Your Airbnb House

How to Protect Your Airbnb House

Many home owners may consider becoming an Airbnb host to earn some extra money. But potential risk comes with the benefit. You may not be able to monitor your house as you would like when you rent your house to a stranger. So how do you protect your Airbnb home while abide by the Airbnb rules? Here are some suggestions to secure your home as an Airbnb host.


Get Insurance and Request Deposit

Although Airbnb provides Host Protection Insurance, it may not cover all the liabilities. Contact your insurance provider and ask if you could increase the coverage to suit your renting endeavours. Also, put aside all your valuable belongings like jewerly into a safe box.

It is a good idea to ask for a certain amount of deposit from your guest. It could protect you against some small damages.


Smart Locks

Some home improvement necessities shall be in place when you rent your house, and smart door lock is one of them. A smart lock is an important home security device especially if you regularly let someone in and out. You will never know if your babysiter, cleaning crew or guest has a copied key, but a keyless smart lock that use code or fingerprint solves the problem. Your guest will enter with a unique code instead of a physical key. When a new guest move in, you simply provide him with a new code. It cannot be copied and you don’t have to change the door lock every now and then.


Carbon Monoxide and Fire Alarm

In line with a Report issued by NFPA, a home fire occurs every 86 seconds in United States in 2015 and most home fire takes place in homes without a smoke and fire detector. Carbon poisoning is not rarely seem especially in winter when every one turns on the heaters. Having a fire alarm and a carbon monixide alarm installed in your Airbnb house not only protect your property but also shows that you care about the safety of your guests throughout their stay.   


Security Camera

A connected security camera will help you monitor your house and let you know who goes in and out. Your will get alerted when it detects suspicious movement. Airbnb prohibits hosts from using hidden cameras of other kinds of devices to monitor guests, but it doesn’t prohibit security cameras in all areas. You shall disclose all your security cameras and other security devices and let your guests know by listing it in information.

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