How to Reinforce Your Doors and Windows

How to Reinforce Your Doors and Windows

Burglars usually break into your home from the door or window. Provide extra security to your door and windows will protect your home from intruders. Here are a few tricks that helps to prevent break-ins by strenghtening your doors and windows.


How to Reinforce Door

Choose the Right Material for Your Door

The material of the door plays an important part in securing your home. Solid core doors will last longer and are much more resistant to abuse and wear. Hollow doors can be easily broken down by force and are subject to tearing. Doors made of fiber glass, hardwood and steel are worth considering.


Improve Door Lock

Even though the door is made of solid wood or steel, a burglar can easily break into your home if the door lock is worn-out or inferior. The door will be greatly strengtened if a suitable door lock is in place. You can upgrade your door lock to ones with anti-snap cylinders or consider a technogically advanced smart door lock which is not easy to tampered or picked.


Do not Overlook Door Jamb

Doorjamb and frame are two important but often overlooked elements in door security. A door jamb holds up the weight of your door and enables the door to open and close smoothly while ensures other components work effectively. A door with a weak jamb will crack open by a heavy kick. Reinforce door jamb with galvanized steel.


How to Reinforce Windows

Reinforce Glass

Compared to traditional glass, tempered glass is much more durable and more difficult to be smashed. Glass with lamilated film is also a good choice because the material bonds with the two regular glass make it unbreakable and hard to shatter. These two are both less expensive options with better performance.


Install Metal Bar

Install metal bars on your windows and it will make it hard for burglars to break in. It will take several minutes to squeeze into those bar to enter your home and most of the burgalrs will even not bother trying. However, do not install bars on every window. Keep your bedroom door without bars for incase of emergency.


Install Security Camera System

Another way to secure your home is to intall security camera system or sensors on the windows. Many convicted burglars admited that they will avoid homes with security camera system. When someone made a force entry, the security system will issue an alert to your mobile or other device and you can report it local departments.

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