Living Alone? Safety Tips for Singles

Living Alone? Safety Tips for Singles

Living alone could be a fantastic experience. You could do anything you want or come home at anytime without parents asking when you would come back. However, you will feel vulnerable to home security threats if you stay alone. This article addresses the problem and introduces some safety tips for singles.


Find Exit Points

Find out the exit doors and fire escapes in your buildings and make sure they are not blocked. You shall know all these exit points so that you know how to get out in case of an emergency.


Reinforce the Door

According to statistics, doors are the most common point of entry for thieves. 70 % of burglars enter through doors, including front doors, patio doors and garage doors. It is quite necessary to reinforce the softpoint. Choose a solid wood door rather than hollow doors which can be easily broken. In addition, upgrade the old door lock to a smart door lock to strengthen the doors. Keyless smart door lock eliminates the concern of losing keys and is not easy to be picked.


Consider an Alarm

For people who live alone, a carbon monoxide alarm and smoke alarm are cost-effective options to protect yourself. Smoke alarm and Co detectors are two useful home products that play a key part in preventing home emergency escape plan, which make it quite necessary to install these two alarms on each level in your home and in each room. By providing monitoring to your home, you could save much response time to protect yourself from crises should an emergency situation arise.


Install Motion Sensor Lights

An excellent way to improve indoor and outdoor security is to install motion sensor lights. Fewer accidents occur in well-lit area as light will discourage night intruders. It may be impractical to alway put outside lights on, but a motion light solve the problem. It turns on when a burglar shows up and alerts you the presence of someone else, which gives you peace of mind at night.


Get to Know Your Neighbours

Introduce yourself to your neighbours. Living alone means you have to face everything yourself without your parents and roommates’ help. If you get along with your neighbours, they are more likely to offer help and share information. They can also tell who stop by your house when you are away.

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