How to Tell If Your Lock Has Been Tampered with

How to Tell If Your Lock Has Been Tampered with

Burglars may have tried many times to break into a house. Had your belongings not being missing, many people may not know their home has been a target. In most cases, burglars try to enter through the front door, which means that they will pick your lock. This article will show you some signs that indicate the lock of your front door has been tampered.


Brute Force

Burglars who have tried to make forced entry is most likely to be violent as they are  in a haste for fear of being caught. Usually the burglars will try to break down a door, bash in a lock or drill a hole in the deadbolt, leaving traces that can be easily found.


Bend deadbolt

Paint circles from locks

Debris of wood around the floor



Some burglars will insert a key into the the keyhole to split all the tumblers away and open the door, such special technique is called “bumping”. It hardly leave traces if it is done correctly.


Nicks around the edges of keyholes

If your lock has been working well but suddenly it doesn’t function, it may be bumped.



The most traditional way to tamper with lock is “picking”. Many professional burglars use small tools to turn the lock and a pick to loosen the tumblers. Compared bumping, picking is more gentle and it takes more times and thus leave little trace.


Shiny metals on the surrounding area of the keyhole

On close inspection, there will be tiny scratch marks



The best way to deal with tampering is to upgrade your lock and installing a home security system. A home security system helps you monitor your home and respond to events at any time.

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