Smart Security Tips on Online Shopping

Smart Security Tips on Online Shopping

With the fast growth of E-commerce, more and more consumers choose to shop online for its ultimate convenience. It is taking hold of the way people shop, as statistic suggested, nearly 80% of American have made a purchase online. But don’t forget cyber security while enjoying the many benefits. Although you don’t have to worry about pickpockets, there are plenty of things you need to pay attention to in order to safeguard your information. As a home security solution provider, EnlargeSecurity here offer 5 smart tips for shopping online in a secure way.


1. Shop on Trusted Websites

Many frauds are often disguised as e-retailers to obtain private or financial information from consumers. Before you enter your personal information or bank information, make sure you verify the website you are shopping is secure. You could check the URL of the website to tell if it is legitimate and secure. https is an online safety protocal that is used to keep data safe and private and “s” in https stands for security. Websites that utilize https are safe but you need to be careful if it is missing.


2. Buy from Trusted Brands

Apart from the benefits of high quality products, famous or popular brands with good reputation will have more security measure in place. But be careful and check whether it is the correct one since some cyber criminals will create professional looking websites and lure you into buying.


3. Use Credit Card instead of Debit Card

Credit card is probably the safest payment method. It is suggested that you stick to credit card when you shop online because a debit card is linked to your bank account while a credit card will not be linked to your any fund account. What’s more, different from debit cards, credit cards will have a limit on the amount of money you are resonsible for paying if your information is stolen or leaked.

What’s more, some third parties platforms like Paypal is a good choice to make a payment because it acts like a middle man and you won’t pass any financial information.


4. Connect to Secure Network

Ensure that your computer or smart devices are connected to a secure nework before embarking on online shopping. An unsecured network will make your information ripe for picking by attackers and criminals, so avoid using public Wi-Fi network to make purchases. In addition, log out of banking sites or payment sites before connecting to a public network.


5. Never Enter More Information Than is Necessary

Just input the information they require to finish the payment and skip the optional information box like phone number and address. If a website asks for some personal information like date of birth and relatives’ names to advance the purchase, do not give them your infomation and check if you have landed in the right page.

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