The Best Time to Replace Your Door Lock

The Best Time to Replace Your Door Lock

Could you remember the last time you change your door lock? Door lock is the first barrier that prevent unauthorized access to your home, it is necessarily important to change it from time to time. Many people are aware of the importance of changing door locks but do not have an idea of the best time to replace it. In fact, there are certain situations that may require you to take safety measure.


1. Moving Home

Whether you are moving to a new house or just purchase a new home, it is hard to know who has the copy of the keys. Make sure that you change the door locks as soon as the previous home owner or tenant has moved out and that you and your families are the only ones that have the keys.


2. Experience a Burglary

If your house has been attempted force entry, you’d better change the door locks because they may have grabbed your spared key and your house will be their target again in the future. It is recommended that you replace it with a smart door lock that allows keyless entry. Only authorized people are granted access to your home and it is hard to be tampered if you use a smart door lock.


3. Relationship Break-Up

Sometimes a relationship ends up on mutual term, but at times it won’t. If you have broken up with your partner or ended up a relationship, it is time to change or re-key the door lock. This could also be applied to your former roommate.


4. Lost Keys

Whenever you lose the keys, the first thing you should do is to change the locks. Most people will not know when and where they have lost the keys and it is very dangerous if the keys are lying around somewhere or get stolen. You must don’t want strangers to access the keys and enter your house.


5. Your Lock is Worn Out

An inferior or old door lock offers little in the way of security, it could be easily tampered by a burglar. In addition, it will become not that easy to lock and unlock as time pass. For your own security and convenience, it is suggested that you upgrade the door lock.



There are many technologically advanced smart door locks that are worth considering for residential home. These door locks can be unlocked with a fingerprint and a passcode without keys required. You could offer temporary codes to guests or friends that might need access to your home while you are way and easily change the passcode without replacing the door lock.

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