Things You Need to Do Before Head out For Summer Vacation

Things You Need to Do Before Head out For Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is approaching and have you planned to go to the beach or travel abroad with your kids for vacation? However, there are something you need to consider before you go away. Here we draw a checklist for you to secure your home and possessions.


1. Set Lights on Timer

Schedule the lights in living room and bedroom to turn on at nights to give an illusion that your home is occupied. A dark home will be seen as an invitation to intruders.


2. Secure Entry Points

Burglars normally break into your home from windows or doors. You can add extra security to these entry points to keep intruders off. Installing smart door locks or integrating sensors on your windows will help protect you home while you are away because such devices will issue alert should an force entry happen. Check all locks before you leave and make sure the alarm is working.


3. Adjust Thermostats

Limit the energy consumption while you are away. You could turn off the thermostat before leaving and use your smart phone to remotely turn it on before returing home. However, leave a little heating so that the pipe won’t freeze or burst.

4. Clean out the Fridge and Bins

The last thing you want when coming home is the awful smell of rotting food. Clean out the frigde and throw out all the trash in the bins before heading out.


5. Stop All Deliveries

Place a hold on daily delivery like newspaper and milk and cancel all the one-off deliveres that you are expecting. A fully stuffed mail box will be clear sign that you are not home.


6. Unpiug Electronic Appliances

Turn off or unplug all the applicances except the refrigerators and timers you set on lights. It will not only help to save you bill but avoid electrical problems. Don’t forget to turn off internal water valve as well if you will be away for several weeks.


7. Place a Car at Your Driveway

Ask a neighbour you get on to park their car on your driveway at nights. Occasional shift of position creates an impression that your someone is home.

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