Brief Intro for A10 Smart Door Lock

Brief Intro for A10 Smart Door Lock
A smart door lock is arguably the most important part of connecting home, it can allow you to come and go as you please, and monitor who is entering and leaving your home when you are away. Smart door locks can protect your home be more safety.
Ardwolf A10 is a smart door lock that offers a stylish way to secure your home without the need for keys. The fingerprint sensor in the lock is combined with the touch active sensor. This feature allows an easy and fast fingerprint entry--one touch on the fingerprint sensor unlocks. The lock has self-learning ability, which enables the lock to update a user fingerprint template after every fingerprint entry. This unique feature significantly reduces rejection rate when compared to other fingerprint lock systems on the market. The lock is equipped with OLED display, it makes visual menu based operation become true. Audit Trail feature allow lock owner to track entry record. Double verification feature increase lock security level significantly. Enjoy adopted the latest biometric fingerprint technologies that bring you a convenient and secure lock system.



Why Choose Ardwolf A10 to Secure Your Home?

1.Intuitive OLED Display

Use touchscreen to simply add or delete user on the device. An OLED with intuitive information will walk you through the whole process.

 2.Large Capacity

500 fingerprints can be enrolled, 300 users defined 4-12 digit codes, Works well for kids and the elder.

3.Reversible Lever

lock fits both left-handled and right-handled door. You can adjust the lock handle to the right way you want.

4.ALL-IN-ONE Flexibility

500 fingerprints, 300 codes and 2 “Schlage C Key” mechanical keys. Audit Trail feature allow lock owner to track entry record.



The installation process of Ardwolf A10 is easy. First, install the bolt in the edge of the door and attach the strike plate to the door frame. With the exterior escutcheon pressed up against the outside of the door and the interior mounting plate on the inside, feed the data cable through the holes in the door and the plate, and secure the plate to the outside escutcheon using the supplied screws. Attach the cable to the interior escutcheon and tuck it away. Once the interior escutcheon is attached, then insert the batteries and reattach the battery cover. And you can  program the lock.




The lock can be installed on the door, bedroom and wardrobe door, if you have some valuable objects in your wardrobe, it can protect your home be safety, and let you feel more comfortable.




Ardwolf A10 is cheaper than any other the same level smart door lock, it is USD$189.99 on Amazon , but you can purchase this lock here only for USD$100.18, and the more quantity you book, the more discount price you get.




This lock can store up to 16384 audit trail logs, build-in touch active sensor with one touch to unlock, and it has five unlock ways: fingerprint, code, fingerprint + code, fingerprint + fingerprint and key, you deserve to have this lock with such a lower price.

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