Top 3 Benefits for Retailers Purchasing Smart Door Locks at EnlargeSecurity

Top 3 Benefits for Retailers Purchasing Smart Door Locks at EnlargeSecurity

Benefit is always the priority when it comes to business. To help you make an informed decision, we will take a closer look at 3 biggest benefits that you can gain if you purchase any kind of smart door locks at EnlargeSecurity.

1. High Profit

For retailers and distributors worldwide, the most significant benefit offered by EnlargeSecurity is that you could enjoy a much lower wholesale price of smart door locks on ES compared to other e-commerce platforms. According to statistics, you could earn up to 40% profits. There will be a commission rate on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Ebay, but you could still earn a considerable profit if you sell the door locks on these platforms. It is recommended you sell the locks offline in a bid to save the commission fee and get a higher profit.

We would like to take Ardwolf A20 as an example to elaborate.

Ardwolf A20 Fingerprint Door Lock

Amazon Price: $149.99

Ebay Price: $130.99

ES Price: $ 101.23

Profit Margin: 32%


2. OEM/ODM Service

With powerful production capacity, our factory provides a complete industry chain of smart door locks. What’s more, our professional R&D team offers OEM & ODM service which differentiate us from others. A wide range of OEM & ODM services from logo and package design to material selection are available here. We ensure 4 advantages for OEM & ODM: price advantage, technology advantage, quality advantage and delivery advantages.

Our goal is not only to provide the best products and services but also to build a long-term win-win relationship.


3. 100 days Order Return

EnlargeSecurity offers a 100 days order return policy under following conditions. Please note that all the conditions shall be met.

  1. You could return the products within 100 natural days from the time you place the order.
  2. The shipping fee shall be borne by the buyer.
  3. Package shall be intact and undamaged.

The balance will be refunded back to your account within 15-20 days after we receive the items.

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