Top Trends in Security Camera

Top Trends in Security Camera

Safety concerns, the need to monitor activities has stimulated demand for security camera industry which is expected to reach $42.81 billion by 2019. What can we expect as the diversified need of the market continues to grow? Let’s take a look at some trends that we may see in the near future.


A Shift from Enterprise Use to Private Use

Security camera was traditionally used in enterprises and other commercial areas but recent years has witnessed a rise of private use. Many home owners now use surveillance camera to monitor activities to prevent intrusion and burglary. There are a variety of security cameras especially affordable IP cameras which is also easy to install on the market, giving residential home owners many choices.


Video Analytics

Both organizations and home owners will need to make informed decision according to the information and data, which will ask security camera to integrate highly sophisticated analytic application that can work in real time to identify pattern and trends. It is a prevalent trend as more and more manufacturers introduce new cameras with embedded video analytic capabilities.


Growing Importance of Cyber Security

Cyber security has become an increasing concern for many people as unsecure devices leave gap for criminals to guess username and passwords. The intensified worry about data and network security leads to security initiatives to protect data and privacy. The difficulty we notice now is how to balance more secure system and complexitiy of use.


Intergrated Solutions

The industry is working hard to offer more specific solutions to different situations and to tailor various needs of customers. It is particularly important with the growth of smart homes and smart cities. The integrated solutions allows consumers to choose from a broad range of cameras that best satisfy their needs instead of being offered just one simple choice, which result in greater return of investment.


DIY Installation Poses Threat to Service Provider

As installation of security cameras especailly wireless cameras becomes more and more easy, home owners is now able to install and implement the security cameras themselves. However, a threat becomes apparant as the falling cost of the technology provides new opportunies for home onwers. Professionals and service providers will lose more customers in the market.



There is no doubt future security cameras will become more smart and secure, while offer more choices for customers at the same time. If you have difficulty in choosing an cheap but powerful device, Ardwolf AF-BM01 is the best IP camera to buy.

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