Trends in Smart Door Locks Industry

Trends in Smart Door Locks Industry

Thanks to a variety of digital door locks, gone are the days of forgetting your keys in the house and locking yourself out of the door. A smart home starts with a smart door lock, recent years has witnessed demands of different kinds of electronic door locks with multiple functions surged as the smart home section continues to grow.

In this rapidly growing industry, several types of digital door locks are commonly seem on the market: fingerprint door lock, password door lock, smart card door lock, bluetooth/Wi-Fi door lock or door lock which comes with more means of entry. Usually, mechanical keys are provided in case of emergency or other unexpected situations. Enlarged Security provides you a broad range of smart door locks that meet different requirements.


Voice Controlled Digital Door Lock

Even though current door locks especially bluetooth door locks eliminate the need to fumble in your purse for keys. People may still prefer a much more convenient entry. Imagine the smart door lock recognizes your voice and automatically opens the door for you without requiring you to press your finger on the sensor or enter a passcode. Demand of a voice controlled digital door lock will arise for sure as dozens of people regard convenience as an important factor when choosing a door lock.

Door Bell Camera

In the future, more and more smart door locks will incorporate door bell camera feature which allows users to see who is at their front door when they are away from home via an app on their smart phones. What’s more, it also enables users to preview the person ringing the bell and then decide whether or not to allow entry of the comer. Such a function is thought to be an will-be improvement in electronic door locks.

Connected Access Control Ecosystem

It is deemed that a connected access control ecosystem in smart home will be a trend. The ecosystem may include exterior & interior smart door locks, lights and smart appliances. Residential smart door locks will be designed to connect with other smart devices and appliances in your smart home to help you connect and manage your home no matter where you are located. Picture yourself leaving your house and everything from refrigerator to bedroom are arranged in extraordinary manner or imagine the smart door lock unlocks for you when you come home from work and the temperature or lights are adjusted to a comfortable level. Such a smart home will definitely give you peace of mind.

The development of smart door locks in recent years has greatly impressed us. With the advances in technology, the industry will become more mature and digital door locks are going to be more powerful and functional.

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