What to Do When Your CO Detector Beeps

What to Do When Your CO Detector Beeps

Carbon monoxide alarm is a necessity in both home and office buildings, alerting you the presence of the deadly gas that you cannot smell or see. But many people may not know how to react if the CO detector goes off. Prolonged exposure to the substance could cause great damage to your brain if you ignore it. There are some key steps to take when the alarm is triggered to keep you and you family safe.


Get to Fresh Air

The first task you should do when the carbon monoxide alarm makes noises in your home is to open all the windows to clear the gas and leave the place immediately where the alarm is activated. The new fresh air will help to level down the CO concentration.


Report It to Local Fire Department

Call your local fire apartment to have your home checked. Don’t let down your guard even the detector stops making noise. Emergency responders are expertise that could identify the reason why the alarm beeps and treat the symptoms of carbon poisoning. If there is no verifiable reason, your CO detector may not in working condition. It is suggested you check if the alarm is at the end of its useful service life or is in need of a new battery after your home has been checked.


Dont Switch on Lights

If the Co detector sounds, do not switch on the lights or smoke as the gas appliances in your home may be the source of CO and has triggered the alarm.


Observe Carbon Poisoning Signs

Be alert if you and your families exhibit signs of weakness and illness, there could be carbon monoxide poisoning. Call your doctor all call 999 for an ambulance if some one feel sick. Carbon poisoning symptoms includes weakness, headache, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, etc.


Have Your Appliances Serviced

If the responders find that the source is your fuel burning appliances like boiler, heater, stove, etc, contact an appliance technician to investigate and check the problem. Have the equipment serviced immediately if a problem is discovered.

For more home security device maintenance, please keep on reading how to care for smoke alarm.

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