EnlargeSecurity allows distributors and retailers to gain plentiful benefits from our community. Below are 4 biggest benefits EnlargeSecurity provides for retailers.

High Profit Margin

Profit is always the the primary driver in a successful business. The most significant benefit we offer to global distributors and retailers is high profit margin. EnlargeSecurity ensures our retailers would enjoy a much lower price of all the products on the wholesale mall compared to that on other e-commerce platforms, which helps to improve the bottom line. In line with statistics, retailers who purchase wholesale products on ES and then resell on online platforms or offline could earn up to 30% profits. Ardwolf A20 smart door lock and Ardwolf Carbon Monoxide Alarm are two most profitable products according to feedback from our retailers. 


100 Days Order Return

EnlargeSecurity boasts 100 days order return policy which removes your last stress point. Retailers who buy wholesale smart door locks or other home security products enjoy the exclusive privilege of product return within 100 days after purchase. We care about ensuring the returns are handled efficiently and we will stay in touch with you throughout the return process. To greatly enhance the return efficiency, please read through following conditions before initiate the return.

Products can be returned within 100 natural days after you place the order. 

Shipping fee shall be borne by buyer. 

Package shall be intact and undamaged. 

Balance will be refunded back to your account within 15-20 days after we receive the items. 


Local Warehouse

Having a local warehouse situated in California, we provide cost effective local delivery service. Get to know 4 advantages of a local warehouse. 

Reduce Shipping Cost. Shipping cost partly depends on the shipping distance, we dispatch the goods directly from our US warehouse to reduce shipping cost. 


Save Delivery Time. The strategically placed warehouse ensures timely delivery of products.


Pick-up by Yourself. You could also visit our local warehouse to get to know our business and pick up the goods by yourself, which will save you the shipping cost.



We offer professional dropshipping service to retailers worldwide in order to eliminate the risk of excess inventory. You could benefit from our dropshipping service. 

Low investment. It is possible to launch a store without having to thousands of dollars in inventories in advance. 


Save time. From production, quality control, package design to after-sales service, all these consuming tasks will fall on us. It not only saves your time but also improve your competitiveness.


Broad Selection. With dropshipping service, you can select and sell as many products as you want since you don’t have to invest in large quantity of products.