Payment Security

What is EnlargeSecurity Secure Payment Service?

EnlargeSecurity Secure Payment provides a safe payment service for all customers engaged in international trade. By partnering with Shopify, you can safely and comfortably pay with your credit card on our store. We do not store your credit card or paypal details when you make a payment.

Our Secure Payment Guarantee

Payment Security

Your money won’t bereleased during the trade process until you have confirmed successful delivery of the order. After confirming, Shopify will release payment to us. All of your 

Fast and convenient Transaction

Once the order is completed, the goods will be delivered within 48hours. Eliminating complex payment procedures.

Full Refund

If you dont receive your order and it is due to our fault, you will get your payment returned. If the goods you received are different from the original products, we can change the goods for you or give a partial refund to you.

What Kind of Payment Method Do We Accept ?

We support most credit card or debit cards(visa, master card etc) , Paypal and Bank Transfers (T/T), without disclosing